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Welcome to Insignia Label Solutions Ltd, the only company you need to contact for all your plain
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Digital Printing Services

Variable, on-demand digital printing is shaping the next generation of direct marketing. Companies and organisations of all sizes and from all industries now have the ability to customize and target materials by individual—helping them communicate with customers, clients and partners on a truly one-to-one basis.

Because materials can be produced on demand, digital printing also provides a huge cost benefit to clients through increased control and predictability. The process avoids the waste, obsolescence and storage costs that come with traditional commercial printing methods.

From the simplest black and white mailer to multi-piece membership packages, Insignia is your one-stop source for on-demand digital printing.

What We Provide

  • » Fast Turn Around Time and Shipping
  • » Eco-Friendly Print Options
  • » High Quality Results
  • » Sheet-Fed Prints up to 8 Colours
  • » Web Capabilities up to 10 Colours
  • » 8 Colour Label Prints with UV Finishes
  • » Friendly and Helpful Staff with Years of Experience

  • We understand the dynamics of managing a successful print program and provide the quality, consistency and rapid turn-around times necessary to ensure that your objectives are met. Whether your needs include catalogues, stationery, leaflets & brochures, annual reports, product packaging, business forms, integrated cards or labels or self adhesive labels, Insignia is the company that can make you look good on paper.

    One-to-One Marketing

    Static, short run printing- High quality, full-colour, using up to 3 paper stocks per document in quantities as low as one. Version printing- Common design, with unique content or language changes for specific audiences or markets.

    Personalised printing- Name and/or address are seamlessly integrated, producing a unique document for each recipient. Customised printing- Personalised applications, with images for greater audience relevancy.

    Transactional printing- Content is customised and personalised, with "data-driven" charts and graphs.

    Fully customised printing- Images, text, graphics and even layouts are unique for each recipient.

    Automated fulfilment- A highly efficient workflow where the entire print production is automated – from request (from a Web site, for example) through production.

    Additional Features

    Varnish, Aqueous and UV Coatings, Embossing, Die-Cutting, Foil, Stamping and Numbering

    Business Forms Printing

    Laser Forms (Cut Sheets and Continuous), NCR sets, Security Products, Pressure Seal, Mailers up to 8 Colours

    Bindery Service

    Collating, Stitching, Folding, Cutting, Binding, Padding and Laminating

    Green Printing

    Insignia is working to protect our environment through sustainable business practices that are protecting our world for present and future generations. By working with FSC-certified vendors, using recycled papers and vegetable based aqueous inks, and implementing environmentally responsible practices in our printing operations, we are bettering our world today for a healthier tomorrow.

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    Customer Feedback

    We got the folders and they look awesome! Thank you so much!!!"

    illian Wakefield / Art Director

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    Environmental policy

    Insignia Label Solutions Ltd accepts responsibility
    for the harmful effects its operations have on
    both the local and global environment and is
    committed to reducing them.

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    Printing Management

    We organise, store, and monitor all your printed
    materials. Your materials are labelled and kept in
    a secure area, ready for easy retrieval. When you
    need a product, one phone call or e-mail is all
    that it takes.

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    Business Form Printing

    Business Forms are your company's link with all
    the people that make your business a success -
    your suppliers, your customers, your financial

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